Professional Resources

Three decades of experience aiding immigrants in crisis has given us an invaluable body of expertise, from which we have developed new trauma and grief-focused interventions that address the vulnerabilities and sensitivities of specific cultural subgroups.  We share those insights with others serving immigrants and refugees.

We are always looking to learn and grow from both our recipients and other partners, and are committed to help others do the same. Selah is a founding member of the Israel Trauma Coalition, a collaborative countrywide network which coordinates aid to communities affected by trauma. We have extensive resources and archives with materials on dealing with immigrants and trauma.  If you are interested in sharing professional resources, please contact us.

We utilize our extensive database and documentation in Selah training programs for outside psychologists, psychiatrists, community workers, social workers in Israel, and for visiting professionals from outside Israel.  Our training materials delve into the central issues of dealing with disaster situations, strategies of reaching out to vulnerable populations, cultural factors affecting disaster response, and accounting for the diversity between and within cultures.

Sharing knowledge is an integral part of Selah’s comprehensive efforts to ensure preparedness and culture-sensitive outreach practices are in place for emergency and disaster response. And when needed, Selah’s multi-disciplinary team of experts speaking different languages disseminates information to both immigrants and providers in the media and in person.

Read Dr. Alex Altshuler’s recent scholarly article featuring Selah as a case study for its novel approach to aiding immigrants in crisis.

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