Ludmila and her daughter, immigrants from Ukraine

When Ludmila, a single mother, came from Ukraine, she had to begin to go through dialysis treatments three times a week very soon after her arrival in the country. When Selah caregivers came to her side, we learned that her 6-year-old daughter was accompanying her to every treatment, as they have no family in Israel. New to the country, and not yet in any school framework, the child was struggling terribly. We obtained an evaluation from a Russian-speaking pediatric-trauma specialist, and she was able to receive appropriate treatment and emotional guidance. For Ludmila, in addition to filling some practical gaps that are inherent in trying to raise a small child while battling a health issue, we were able to pair her with a social worker specializing in parenting support in Russian. The two participate in our Healing Retreats for immigrants in crisis.  As they adjust and slowly find their footing, Selah is there, as aid and advocate.