Yelena, immigrant from Former Soviet Union

A 44-year-old woman, pregnant for the first time with twins after many years of hoping for children, suffered a terrible tragedy six months after she and her husband arrived in Israel from Georgia (The former Soviet Union). Her husband collapsed and died suddenly. Selah has been by her side since his death. Giving close emotional and practical support and purchasing a tombstone for his grave. Selah provided the expectant mother with transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, nourishing food, and other necessities. Yelena came to understand that she could rely upon us – that she was not alone even in her most vulnerable moments. Several months later, when her water broke at 6 am, she phoned her Selah social worker, Natasha. Natasha came to the hospital where Yelena had given birth to two beautiful, healthy baby girls. Selah bought her two car seats, and drove her and the babies home from the hospital in the Selah emergency response van. Selah also provided a new washing machine, a heater and other essentials for a home with babies. Thankfully, the baby girls are now growing, and while the mother requires emotional assistance and parental guidance, she is managing to maintain a stable household and care for her children. The Selah social workers who were with her during the tragedy recently joined her in celebrating the twin girls’ second birthdays and brought them toys and educational games. In times of terrible pain as well as in times of joy, Selah is there, as aid and advocate.