How we help

Individually and through group programs

Selah’s emergency outreach teams are trained to identify pressing needs and provide culture-specific support. We respond to immigrants in their own language, including Russian, Amharic, Spanish, Farsi, French, and more. Selah’s countrywide network of caregivers includes social workers, psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, and trained volunteers. We respond to the initial emergency, and when necessary, help our recipients in the longer term.

Selah helps immigrants in crisis:

1) Through direct individual aid: In a crisis, aid must be personalized
2) Through group programming: Healing Retreats are a cornerstone of Selah’s work (click to learn more)

Selah’s individual outreach for immigrants in crisis includes:

emergency psychological support/grief counseling

phone support

emergency cash grants

mourning period expenses

food, shelter, clothing and essential household items

transportation to the hospital and rehabilitation

traveling expenses to bring a close relative to help (following a trauma)

legal assistance/advocacy to protect immigrant rights after crisis

Help Organizing Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Celebrations and Commemorations