How we help

Individually and through group programs

Selah’s emergency outreach teams are trained to identify pressing needs and provide culture-specific support. We respond to immigrants in their own language: Russian, Amharic, Spanish, Farsi, French, and more. Selah’s countrywide network of caregivers includes social workers, psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, and trained volunteers. We aid in the initial emergency, and when necessary, help our recipients in the longer term to find ways to  cope.

Selah helps immigrants in crisis:

1) Direct individual aid:
basic essential needs such as:  subsistence aid, medical and emotional aid, tutoring to bridge gaps after trauma, school fees, camps and after school activities, clothing etc.
2) Group programming: Culturally sensitive activities for vulnerable populations including weekend seminars and peer support groups. These programs provide a sense of community, a place to share and unite those stricken by tragedy.