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Ten years, 28 deaths: Ethiopian community sees another domestic murder-suicide, Haaretz, January 18, 2012

Charity Is 'Rock' for Immigrants to Israel, The Forward, November 2, 2011

PTSD expected for many terror victims after release, The Jerusalem Post, October 17, 2011

Teaching caregivers how to overcome second-hand trauma, ISRAEL21c, September 12, 2011

Organization helps orphaned Ethiopian families, The Jerusalem Post August 21Organization helps orphaned Ethiopian families, The Jerusalem Post August 2011

Helping the Helpers,  Haaretz -  Rank and File  August 2011Helping the Helpers, Haaretz - Rank and File August 2011

Ten years after the Dolphinarium attackTen Years on, Pain of Dolphinarium bombing still strong - Jerusalem Post 30May 2011

Ten years after the Dolphinarium attack Ten years after the Dolphinarium attack - JTA - 24 may 2011

The morning after The mourning after – Ynet - May 9 2011

Someone by your side Someone by your side – Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 2 Mar 2011

Grandparents retreat The Jerusalem Post 9 December 2010 – A Crisis Doesn't End When the Flames Die Down

Grandparents retreat Ynet article - Grandparents, Immigrants, and Suddenly Parents Again, 24-March-2010 - By Yael Brenovsky

Grandparents retreat The shortest distance between two people, From the Birmingham Jewish Federation


Grandparents retreat Translated article from the Original Russian - Two Russian women who miraculously survived a catastrophic bus crash, 16-March-2010 - By Elena Chernukh


Birmingham Jewish Federation Ynet article for Memorial day 27-April-2009 - Pavel Slutzker died during Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping


Birmingham Jewish Federation 2009-02 TO THE BJF: 'YOU ALL GIVE US STRENGTH' - The Birmingham Jewish Federation


Birmingham Jewish Federation 2008-12 THEY'RE NOT JUST PICTURES ON WEBSITES - The Birmingham Jewish Federation


2007-08 Trauma relief services to communities in northern Israel

2007-07-01 Temporary residents deserve full benefits

2007-05-25 Army base provides haven for refugees from Sderot

2007-05-07 Trauma experts warn of unhealed scars from war

RUTH BAR-ON pressed into service

2007-05-24 Sderot newcomers under attack


2007-03-07 Recovering from war

2007-02-08 Mourning again - Eilat victim buried in South Florida

2007-01-27 Israeli terror widow reunites with S.F. family

2007-09 Israeli charities swing into action

2007-06-18 Selah’s 650 Volunteers Reaching Out to Thousands Needing Assistance in Israel

2002-04-26 Israeli service group provides safety net for immigrants in crisis