" HEALING RETREATS" harness nature's restorative powers into personal healing

Healing Retreats


June 2005 (02:05 min)


SELAH has developed a unique model of healing retreats for various groups of immigrants, such as the bereaved, trauma-stricken youth, terror victims and others. These retreats generally take place in a relaxed setting away from the stresses of the immigrants’ everyday lives. They open new doors for reconnecting with other people, with the country, its history and landscapes, with nature, and with life.


Nature-based workshops have become an integral part of SELAH's healing retreats. These specialized workshops, developed by an inter-disciplinary team, led by the botanist Dr. Zvia Shapiro, combine an outdoor excursion with expressive arts followed by opportunities for sharing.


Examples of themes explored in the nature-based workshops include: survival strategies in nature; the experience of being uprooted; the painstaking process of re-acclimatization; the regeneration of burnt trees; and the significance of keeping roots alive.