The Ethiopian Outreach Project


        Micha Feldman with Mituku Rada
The journey to Israel was a long and treacherous one for the Ethiopian Jews. Paved with painful separations and the death of loved ones along the way, it created deep wounds, which often re-open when a new tragedy hits them. Struggling with culture shock while coping with extreme stress and poverty leaves this population even more vulnerable in the face of terror, war, or other life-altering crises.


In response to the pressing emotional and concrete emergency needs of Ethiopian immigrants suffering a tragedy, SELAH has created a special division, headed by Micha Feldmann, a renowned expert on Ethiopian Jewry.


SELAH 's Amharic-speaking team, with its special understanding of Ethiopian culture, reaches out and provides practical and emotional assistance to those in acute need. The intensive outreach is followed by comprehensive, longer-term support, including special culture-sensitive programs for the wounded and bereaved who are often resistant to standard approaches.


Over the years, unique programs have been developed for specific groups, including one for abused women transitioning from shelters for battered women and another for orphaned children being raised by older siblings due to the death or absence of both parents.