"SABA V'SAVTA " Assists Elderly Immigrants Raising Orphaned Grandchildren

Saba v’Savta- Meeting the urgent and ongoing needs
of grandparents raising their orphaned grandchildren



How can I protect my grandchild? How can I give to this child when I need so much help myself? I raised my children 30 years ago in another country... how can I do it again? How can I say no to him, after all he’s suffered? Should I let him call me Mommy? What will happen to my grandchild if I die?


Shattered by the loss of their child, uprooted and often isolated, the bereaved grandparents grapple with their own grief, as well as their grandchild’s trauma.


In the midst of grief, the grandparents have to adjust to changing roles, learn the language and cope with financial difficulties while handling the tremendous responsibilities of parenting, all of which is overwhelming even without the difficulties of old age and faltering health.

Selah offers "second-time" parents a wide range of support services such us essential direct aid, practical assistance in reorganizing the home to meet the needs of children, advocacy, grief counseling, as well as individual and group support in dealing with the challenges and problems of parenting.


SELAH also conducts healing retreats for the children struggling with the loss of their parents, specialized programs, which provide opportunities to share pain and gather strength, as well as offering vital "breathing space" for the grandparents.