"NECHAMA" Israel's First Grief Counseling Project for Immigrants

"Nechama" - Support Programs For Bereaved Families

Photographer: Edward Kaprov    Photographer: Edward Kaprov    Photographer: Edward Kaprov

In Hebrew, Nechama means "comfort" – caring and providing compassionate support to those who have lost loved ones. In keeping with the teachings of Judaism, SELAH 's emergency outreach teams step in to provide real-time emotional support as well as critical assistance with pressing practical problems.


SELAH developed Nechama to cope with the specific needs of immigrants from different cultures, who have their own ways of reacting and coping with a death in the family. Nechama provides culturally competent outreach services to bereaved immigrants, as well as grief counseling, seminars, and ongoing support groups, and a wide range of volunteer-run activities, which address the complexities of the grieving process while remaining sensitive to cultural norms.