What We Do

What We Do


funrel of Rima and Eithan Kukuy in Beer-Sheva. Photographer: Vladimir Godnik.    Sderot - Natasha Koretz with a patient. Photographer: Edward Kaprov    Chanuka 2006 - Yasmin Moradipar and Avraham Abeve. Photographer: Edward Kaprov.


Emergency Support

When disaster strikes, SELAH's emergency outreach teams respond immediately, in real time. They offer direct emotional and practical support by:
- Visiting victims of terror attacks, accidents, or sudden illness in their homes or in the hospital.
-Covering travel expenses for a next of kin in Israel or from abroad, to come to care for orphaned children or to be at the bedside of the injured family member, all alone in the country.
- Helping to cover burial costs and bereavement expenses for families in need.
- Helping to provide shelter, household items and furnishings for fire and flood victims.
- Assistance in obtaining medical and rehabilitative equipment and/or procedures not covered by health insurance.
- Providing emergency cash grants and bridging support for those in dire need.
- Offering advocacy and legal support.



Longer-term Care

Challenged by the special needs of immigrants faced with trauma, SELAH's multi-disciplinary team has developed a variety of culture-sensitive programs. These unique programs bring together immigrants struggling with trauma and loss, and provide space for sharing and mutual support.



Key Programs